Placement Services

Giligia College’s placement services understand that searching for a new career can be frustrating and time consuming. We want to take some of the frustration out of your search. One of our essential principals is to offer the utmost privacy to our clients and student trainees. We understand your needs and appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your search.

Our responsibility is to find the right individual that matches a company’s technical and cultural needs. While a client company’s requirements are vital, we are sympathetic to the difficulties of an individual’s job search. So rest assured, we will work with you in every possible way, to help you reach your career goals.

Once we have assessed our client company’s detailed needs, we will review our database to determine if we have any potential candidates in our files. If your résumé and personal information are available and appropriate, you will be considered for the position. We will then contact you. Please ensure that we have current and comprehensive contact information for you.

We update our job listings regularly to ensure that they are current. Please visit our web site often to see what’s new and to check out "Job Hunting Tips" - this section of our site offers helpful hints to get you on your way in your career search.
If you have any questions about our services, or the job placement process, please feel free to contact us.

Things We Do
          * Evaluate and recommend changes to your resume
          * Fax/E-mail your final draft resume to job openings
          * Suggest a class to direct you in dressing and interviewing for achievement
          * Send you job openings weekly
          * Give confidence and support you all the way through your job search