Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is a resume that is customized so that it specifically highlights the experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

 Targeted Resume

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Address: Person's Street, City and State
Shift Manager Extraordinaire - (in this case we have the focus upon the job that you are applying for)
  • Shift Manager for over 5 years of experience in fast paced food to go franchise.  
  • Proven ability for fast thinking and fast decisions to keep the customer satisfied.
  • Brilliant motivational techniques to all employees to keep them positivie to the fast paced customer order rates and delivery of the food.
  • Expert in the processes of customer service and employee motivation to keep the harmony of the franchise in tack.
  • Seasoned Manager in all aspects of the fast food business - Reliability of the opening and on-site staffing.
  • Exceptional ability to attract quality employees and establish them as customer service extraordinaires.
  • Areas of Strength
  • Sound Management Practices
  • Quick on the feet
  • Impecable cash register reconciliations
  • Low turn-over rate among employees
Relevant Work Employment

 Fast Food Company, Any City, State

Shift Manager: 

  • Worked hard for 2 years and was promoted to shift manager
  • Worked all shifts to get the best rounded experience for all the times of open
  • Introduced cost savings by scheduling just-in-time delivery of items for sale
  • Introduced off side cleaning contract systems 3 times per day -  the extra clean encouraged return customers
  • Intervied | Hired | Trained new Employees
  • Results
    • Reduced the error rates to less than 1 % per day.
    • Initiated new marking system to distinguish between addons of the sandwiches.
    • Initiated new streamlined systems between the order and the cook to better serve the customer.
    • Became an expert negotiator between the customer and employee in the case of decrepency of order and delivery.
    • Became an expert in the processes of customer service and employee motivation to keep the harmony of the franchise in tack.


 My Nice Donut Shop, Any City, Any State

Front Counter Associate

  • Greeted the customer and gave good customer service for the donuts they purchased
  • Exchanged money at the cash register
  • Opened the cash register and closed the cash register every day with no errors
  • Cleaned the counter so that customers felt good about the environment
  • Washed the floor at the end of the shift
My Local Community College, My City, My State : Business Accounting Associates Degree

 My Local City Job Training Center: Introduction to Cooking