Medical Billing Instructor

The Medical Billing course requires 415 Clock Hours over a period of 21.8 Weeks for about 20 hours per week of instruction.

During this process, the Medical Billing Instructor provides students with the skills necessary to function as Physician-Based Coders, Hospital Coders, or Medical Claims Reviewers. These billing procedures are used on claims for reimbursement, patient care management, and healthcare evaluation and research. The curriculum includes medical terminology, human anatomy, computer skills and CPT and ICD coding.

If you have experience in these procedures and have as a minimum of an associates degree, and enjoy the role in education, this can be a great position for you. This is a part time position and you must commit for the duration of the course of 21.8 weeks.

The course work is listed as follows:

Class Title Lecture Hours Lab Hours Instructional Hours Units
Medical Terminology 45 15 60 3
Medical Coding 45 15 60 3
Medical Transcription 45 30 75 4
Medical Billing 60 30 90 5