Taxation Instructor

The Taxation Course requires 370 Clock Hours over a period of 18.5 Weeks for about 20 hours per week of instruction.

During this process, the Taxation Instructor prepares students with introduction to fundamental concepts in federal income taxation including the definition of income, the computation of tax liability, exclusions from income, basis, and deductions available for individuals in computing taxable income, and assignment of income. The course provides training in a variety of office skills such as typing, data entry, and spreadsheets. The course will also teach students how to deal with Windows 8 operating environment, and Microsoft Office. The program seeks to prepare students for positions such as accounting clerk, bookkeeper, income tax preparer, entry-level accountant, accounts receivable/payable assistant payroll coordinator, and assistant office manager

If you have experience in these procedures and have as a minimum of an associates degree, and enjoy the role in education, this can be a great position for you. This is a part time position and you must commit for the duration of the course of 18.5 weeks.

The course work is listed as follows:

Class Title Lecture Hours Lab Hours Instructional Hours Units
Bookkeeping Fundamentals 30 20 50 2
Applied taxing 30 20 50 2
Taxation 30 30 60 3
Tax Preparer 45 30 75 4