History & Traditions


Giligia College founded in 2006, offers professional studies and career-related certificate programs, approved by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education.

Giligia College is built on a foundation of pragmatism, global awareness, equity and respect for others. Everything we do, every investment we make is about engaging students in leading to a richer and deeper learning experience.

A skilled workforce is the key to a global competitiveness. Employers need a skilled workforce to be able to respond to the changing business and industry needs. As the demands of the production markets constantly change, companies have to adapt their working force with new and improved skills. We support companies with training programs for the improvement of their performance, and we provide the right technician for the right vocation.

Technology skills are indispensable for a secure employment and improvement of job skills to open the door for a better employment environment. Our programs give students qualifications for an essential computer as additional skill acquiring courses in a wide variety of employment areas.

An essential policy of our college is to improve the human performance for a better and successful community life. Our services are designed to close the workforce skills gap in our community, to help our community members to be educated as responsible citizens for a better community and a cleaner environment.